Program Management


At GNR we offer a unique benefit for information technology, keeping it more customer centric/ focused and other programs where the interdependencies among projects have significant technical, as well as management dimensions. Most discussions of program management to date have focussed exclusively on the management dimensions (cost, schedule, risk, and quality).

key Deliverables

  • Defining and assigning projects within the program and working with the project manager to set up a timeline, budget, and necessary staffing and resources.
  • Regular check-ins with project managers on status, as well as with senior management, clients, and other stakeholders.
  • Reprioritizing, demoting, promoting or adding projects to a program if necessary, and adjusting timelines and stakeholder and staff expectations as needed.
  • Identifying potential risks (business level, program level, and project level) to the program, and making timely adjustments and course-corrections if needed.