About Us

GNRSystems Inc., is an IT products and services company specializing in mission critical, value-based, IT services and solutions for businesses worldwide. With more than two decades of growth and unparalleled expertise spanning the tech spectrum, GNR sets a new benchmark for IT consulting. We provide open embedded software and web-based solutions customized to meet customers requirements.

Our team works across tech platforms, operating systems and infrastructures to deliver implementations, technical and functional upgrades, optimization projects, full-service staffing and more.


Our Professional Services brings enterprise experience coupled with established leadership in technology to deliver world-class application solutions to our clients. Our professional service programs support you throughout the IT lifecycle; planning; implementation; support and training.

Offshore Development Services

We employ on behalf of our clients, working across a range of industries. We partner with small to medium and high growth companies, and our business model allows access to the cost benefit of offshore resources, while giving our clients direct management control over the running of their team.


We offer a "Right to Hire" option that enables the client to retain good talent. We provide a complete spectrum of flexible alternatives, including contract, contract-to-hire, full-time and project delivery. We have managed development and implementation initiatives, augment IT development and technical support staffs.

Recruitment & Training

The technical recruiters assess the level of technical expertise, hands on knowledge, validity of previous experience, stress management, interpersonal and communication skills.We provide one of a kind training experience together with our proven learning methodology which translates to increased work productivity and greater customer satisfaction.

Direct Hire

We will advertise and recruit for you and assume all responsibilities for screening and obtaining a pool of quality candidates for your review. You interview and hire from only top quality candidates who meet your requirements and the candidate you choose to hire is available immediately as your employee.


With our in-depth knowledge and industry experience on various technical domains, we offer customized business solutions and a broad range of IT services. Our technology service offerings include Application Development, Web Services and E-commerce.

Praveen Shyamala


Sharath Rojanala

Marketing Director

Mohammed Mujjadeed

Senior Recruiter


Techincal lead

  • "We are completely satisfied with the overall look, functionality and the user interface of our Java based application created by GNRSystems Inc. The team responded very well and very quickly understood our ideas which we wanted to implement. I am especially satisfied with the incredible level of support they offered, as our understanding of the Java development framework was very low. They helped us understand the intricacies of development and how developing our app in Java would be beneficial."

    - Emanuel Salinas, USDM

  • "I will recommend working with GNRSystems Inc. Their Business Process Management (BPM) team is very flexible, talented and strives to meet your requirements completely. They stay in communication with you through a variety of channels and are very easy to work with. The Custom Business Process Management Service suite they developed for us was quite innovative and they addressed all our needs very nicely."

    - Revanth, GNRSystems Inc.

  • "Let me start by saying that I am quite impressed by the dedication of the GNRSystems Inc., team. The long hours, which they put to understand our recruitment process and company objectives to find us the most apt candidates impressed us greatly. The results which we have received so far are exemplary and GNRSystems Inc., has made an outstanding contribution in our company's workforce. We are looking forward for a long term association with them now."

    - Mark Mc Donald, TEKSystems

  • "Because GNRSystems Inc., is such a client-based industry, everything is person-to-person. The intensive training provided by the company was wonderful. I was able to develop my skills based on growing industry needs to meet their demands. The company really caters to the individual need which helped me to successfully land in my dream industry."

    - Anand, Google

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